Finally - this add-on gives you your awesome HTML Signature while you're on your mobile!

It's an add-on for Gmail - which on Android doesn't let you use your email signature

Available for free

You can upgrade to Premium to store all kinds of text and HTML - save yourself from retyping those same paragraphs, disclaimers, and other things over and over

Or save segments of HTML or other emails to build yourself a powerful template tool - A great tool for marketing managers, support specialists, and everyone that could stand to save time from retyping things

A 30 day trial of Premium is available to everyone too!

There's no credit card, and it automatically cancels itself at the end. Totally risk-free

Tablet Incompatibility Note

The Gmail app for Tablets (including the Galaxy Z-Fold in tablet mode) unfortunately doesn't display any add-ons.

This is a confusing limitation by Google. We've got an open issue  if you'd like to vote to have that changed!

Alternative for tablets

You should be able to use the desktop version of the website on your tablet:

The best way to do this is to visit any other website, like, then open your browser's settings and tick the "Desktop mode" box.

Then visit:

(You should reach the full Gmail desktop page - if you're redirected to the mobile page double check Desktop mode is on)

That will give you the full Gmail experience. You can keep that tab open and return to it rather than stepping through those steps again.


January 2024

Account page

The Account Page has been redesigned to work with new requirements/limitations for Google add-ons.

Just like you, we're hoping Google will add full email signature capabilities for their Gmail apps one day!

Oct 2022

True HTML editor now built in

You can toggle between editing in rich-text mode, or tinker with the underlying HTML. Changes made in one view are updated in the other

Annual subscriptions!

We've made annual subscriptions! You'll find these in the Get Premium page beside the Monthly option. It'll let us save on card processing costs which we're happy to pass on to you

May 2022

Save/edit window sign-in loop?

Please see more here

April 2022

Buttons made clearer

The labels on some buttons didn't represent what would actually happen. This has been improved so you know what a button actually does before you click it.

Speed mildly improved

When you first open the add-on your information is loaded from the Google Sheet database, then it's "cached" locally in the add-on for faster retrieval for the rest of the day.

The pop-up windows for Edit and Account actions now also load from, and interact directly with, the core add-on. Previously these were external "helper" files.

The speed has improved - though only by a few fractions of a second. We were hoping for more, but we'll keep looking for ways to make this better!

March/April 2021

Update released 6 Apr 2021

If you like the changes, please feel free to subscribe from within the add-on, or use our Donate page. Next-up we'll add support for BAT in case you'd like to Tip us directly from Brave!

User experience

We first released the add-on in the same week Google released their "Cards" user interface. It was unexpected and we had to make some quick changes, leaving the result a little muddy.

You can now copy and paste preformatted content perfectly. No need to use HTML converters or type by hand.


The add-on is translated via Google Translate and you can choose your preferred language. A huge benefit for our non-English friends.

Please let us know what you think.


At the back-end we're also looking at how we store the application data - mostly because we expect many more users and want to make sure the add-on stays responsive.

We've starting by increasing the amount of storage by 2.7x

We'd like to take this opportunity to poll users about where and how their data is stored. Please see this poll below: