Trial and Premium Version

What is the Premium version?

The core part of the add-on is free - Saving something so it can be inserted in to future emails

This is designed to be their HTML email signature, as described in the Saving your email signature and Inserting your email signature pages

Enterprising users might see the value of having prepackaged parcels of text, segments of HTML, and whole messages ready to send

  • A sales rep on the road might have product descriptions ready for immediate, detailed responses to queries

  • A marketing manager could save their email campaign HTML content template so every message is on-message

  • A customer services rep could have all of those polite niceties that they normally type saved and ready to go in just four taps (honestly used by us every single day)

The Premium version is a paid subscription to the locked features of the add-on. Including:

  • Saving emails, text, or HTML content with the following details:

    • A Title and/or description

    • A position within your list of existing data - so you can put often-used info at the top

    • Visibility when composing - so you can hide things you want saved still, but not cluttering up your list when you want to insert something

  • Organising saved data by modifying any of the above, or deleting the entry

  • Previewing any piece of saved data so you can see what it will look like in an email (in both composing mode and reading email mode)

Premium offers approximately 100 standard pages worth of text storage

Get premium - Start Trial - Manage subscription

  • Open the Your account page

  • Click Get premium, or Manage subscription (as appropriate)

Start trial

If you haven't already used a trial or Premium subscription, you'll have an option to start a free 30 day trial of Premium

Simply click Start trial!

You will not be asked for a credit card number, nor will you be billed in any other way at all. It's totally risk free

After 30 days the subscription just stops, but your saved data will remain for some time. This gives you plenty of time to upgrade to the paid Premium version

Sign up for Premium

Sign up for the Premium subscription

When you click Sign Up, you'll be redirected to a Stripe checkout to create the subscription

The checkout will ask for credit card details - which go straight to Stripe. We never see those details

$1.50 USD per month or $12.00 USD per year

If this is greyed-out, you might be in the Trial period. You can use Cancel subscription noted below, then return here. We won't delete your data

Cancel subscription - or switch from full Trial to Premium

Use cancel subscription to:

  • Cancel your Trial

  • Cancel your paid subscription (stops all future payments)

To upgrade from a Trial to a paid Premium subscription:

  • Use Cancel subscription

(your saved data won't be deleted for some time, so you can cancel without losing your data)

  • Return to the Manage subscription page

  • Use Sign up for Premium