Saving other content (Premium)


Save something

  • Open the add-on while viewing or composing a message

  • Find and click the down-arrow just under "Premium Features"

This expands out the section, revealing a few new fields

  • Title - enter a title for the data you're saving

    • Optional - is the main label for this piece of data so recommended

  • Description - add some detail or keywords

    • Optional - is included with the title in searches by default

  • Position

    • You can choose where in your list this item will be saved. Lower numbers are higher up the list. The titles of the existing items are also shown, and choosing a spot that's already taken will move the rest down to make space

  • Available when composing - toggles the visibility of this item when you're composing a message

      • If turned off, the item won't show up when you're composing a message. Handy if you want to save something, but don't want to use it when composing

  • Save and edit - Opens the edit window where you can write or paste your own content

  • Save this email - Saves the current message thread

Tips for high quality content

HTML is by far the best way to present visually appealing content.

We recommend using Copy and Paste, then editing the content in the pop-up window if needed.

Using images

The add-on doesn't store whole images as they're a bit too heavy and specialised

Instead, refer to existing images by using the Image button in the pop-up editor

If you don't have a website to host your images, don't fret. Your Google account has you covered!

  • Open your Google Drive (

  • Create a new file - choose Drawings

  • Use the drawing tools or menus to upload your image

    • If uploading an existing image, use PNG. JPEGs are just black in Drawings when published unfortunately. You can find plenty of converters with a quick search

  • Click File, then Publish to the web

  • Continue until published, and you'll be given a link

  • You can use this link in the HTML image tag: <img src=" here " />