Your account

Access the account menu

  • Open the add-on on desktop, laptop, or mobile
  • Find and click the ellipses menu at the top right of the add-on (near the X)
  • Click Account

Account menu features

Your account

This simply shows the email address you're logged-in with. It's what we use to identify your data and for the Premium subscription payment handling (read more about our privacy policy)

If you need us to help you, please send an email from this address so we can match you to your data

Log out

Logs you out of the add-on. Note that this doesn't delete any of your data, and you don't need a password to log back in

This opens a window where you can:

  • Start your free 30 day trial of Premium (if you haven't used Premium or the Trial already)
  • Cancel the Trial or Premium subscription
  • Switch from the Trial to Premium (read more on the Trial and premium version page)

Delete all data

To use this feature, you need to click the down arrow to expand the section - we don't want you to click it by accident!

This will delete ALL of your data that we've stored. This includes:

  • The email signature you saved in the add-on
  • Any other data you saved in the add-on (Premium)
  • Most details of your subscription (see below)

In summary it wipes your identifier (based on your email address, but not your email address - see Privacy) and data from our database

It does not stop your Premium subscription however!

If you have a premium subscription, use the Cancel function detailed on the Trial and premium version page, then you can return to this Account page and use this Delete function

Details of your payments and Premium subscription activity will remain with Stripe for a number of years as required for accounting records. The only personal information retained as part of this is your email address