Saving window problems

If you are stuck in a log-in loop in the saving window:

Review if you have more than one account listed in Gmail

In Gmail, click on the top-right menu. This is your Google Account menu.

If you have more than one account listed, see below.

(Our example has just one account listed)

More than one account

The pop-up window may be operating under one of those other accounts - this is an issue for all developers working with Google products!

T​here are three solutions:

  • Use a separate Chrome Profile for each account (this is our preferred method as it allows you to separate your roles. Note you will need to also use the third solution below and remove the other accounts to have a clean Chrome Profile)


  • Install the add-on under your other accounts also - this will mean the window can successfully run regardless of what account it's operating under


  • Log out of all the other accounts and remove them from the accounts list